Kitchen Classes

You will learn:
Know and choose the best seasonal ingredients for your dishes according to their freshness and quality and to find out how they are born and how they grow in the organic garden of Villa San Simone.
To cook the tasty meals of Italian tradition and in particular Tuscany, with healthy raw materials, using the common equipment of your kitchen.
To prepare tomato sauces, oil-based vegetables and delicious jams, which will keep the perfumes and colors of the summer for many months.
To visit the places and to know the people who produce wine, oil, cheeses and salami of extraordinary quality such as D.O.C. Carmignano, Montecarlo and Chianti, the unparalleled extra virgin olive oil of the Tuscan hills, the “pecorino” and the “ricotta” of our mountain.
Discover the famous artisans of the “chocolate valley” of Pistoia, like Slips and Catinars and a hundred other places where you can still find the products of Tuscan excellence.